Fix My Pocket Watch!

Quality service & repair at fair prices.

Q: What methods are used to service my watch?

A: All watches are completely disassembled and cleaned using professional watch cleaning solutions and ultrasonics.  They are then reassembled using only the finest Swiss lubricants and adjusted using modern electronic timing machines.  Original factory old stock parts are used for repairs whenever possible.

Q: The mainspring in my watch isn't broken.  You told me it needed to be replaced, why?

A: The mainspring is the engine of your watch.  Over time they wear out and lose strength, leading to many problems.  More information on this coming shortly as I add photos to the site.

Q: How do I get my watch to you?

A: A shipping address will be provided once we have discussed the repair by phone or email and it is determined that the watch is a good canidate for repair.   I will soon post a page with further information regarding packing and mailing your watch, for now just contact me!

Q: What are the 'jewels' in my watch?

A: Jewels in watches act as bearings.  They are typically made of synthetic ruby or sapphire, and are NOT gemstones!  The hardness of jewels makes them impervious to wear and reduces friction, but their brittleness also makes them susceptible to damage from shock.  The cost of replacing a jewel is more related to labor than the cost of the jewel itself.  There are several types of jewels used in a watch and some are more difficult to replace than others.

Q: Why don't you work on wristwatches?  Are they too small?

A:  It's not a matter of scale, but of parts and resources.  There are simply too many types/brands/sizes to cover everything.  If I did wristwatch work as well I would spend all of my time doing research and looking for parts!  Other watchmakers specialize in wristwatches.

MORE FAQ'S COMING!  If you have a question, ask!  It might just end up posted here!