Fix My Pocket Watch!

Quality service & repair at fair prices.

At Fix My Pocket Watch! I service most types of American, English, and European pocket watches, and some small clocks such as carriage clocks.  I SOMETIMES repair wrist watches, modern quartz (battery powered) watches, or large clocks.  i also do some music box repair.

All watches will be vetted by phone/email/photos prior to being accepted for examination or repair.  If accepted the watch will be further evaluated upon receipt.  If it is found to be repairable at reasonable cost, and you choose not to proceed a fee will be charged (see pricing.)  If it is determined that the watch is beyond reasonable repair no fee will be charged and you will only be responsible for return shipping and insurance.

All watches taken in for service are fully dismantled, cleaned with professional cleaning solutions and equipment.  Only the finest Swiss lubricants are used, and watches are adjusted using modern electronic timing equipment.

The time frame to service your watch can range from as little as one week to several months.  This is largely due to sourcing parts for watches that are often over 100 years old.  While I have a large stock of parts on hand and a large inventory of parts watches, it isn't unusual to have to track down an "old stock" part, and this can take time - and sometime the part cannot be found!  Sometime parts can be made, but this is rarely economical.  I do have relationships with vendors that have large quantities of old parts, but they are slowly going away.

Cracked enamel dials cannot be repaired.  If the cracks are fine, the cleaning process can make them nearly invisible.  If the dial damage is extensive, sometimes a replacement dial can be supplied from a donor watch.  "Perfect" dials are very expensive; less perfect ones are more reasonable if they can be found.  Metal or painted dials CAN be refurbished, but this work is sent out to specialists and can be quite expensive as well.

Case repairs are limited to crystals, stems, bows, and sleeves.  Hinges, dents, and other issues are specialist repairs.  I can sometimes source replacement cases if desired.

Watches are taken in on a first-come, first serve basis.  I may not be able to accept your watch if my backlog is too great.  In addition I do have another career that causes me to close my shop at times.  I will endeavor to keep the site updated as to those times.


I am happy to help out other watchmakers with parts sales from time to time.  I also purchase/trade/sell parts lots, vintage tools, and rarer horological books.

APPRAISALS: At this time I do not provide appraisal service.